Witches’ Delight: The Submission of Heather released on Amazon!

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Know what happens when your name appears on the “List of Missed”?  The world of Magic comes knocking on your door.

Heather Miller found the love of her life when she reconnected with Gwen.  But a mysterious chest left on her doorstep pulled both women in front of the Magicue Coven of Witches.  Heather simply needed to submit in order to fulfill her destiny and become a witch.  But a strong will and a riding crop that she pulled from the mysterious chest sent her on a different path.

What happens when she who dominates gives up control?  A Witches’ Delight the likes never seen in the world of Magic.

“Witches’ Delight: The Submission of Heather” is lesbian erotica with BDSM and lezdom themes.  Strong sexual content.  Adults 18 plus only, please!

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Magicue School Chronicles: Book Two LIVE on Amazon!

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The magic continues and so does the danger…

A witch’s vision. Oracle’s breath.
A school falls. A lover’s death.
A world invaded. Magic’s bane.
The others come to douse the flame.

The second installment of the Magicue School Chronicles will take you further into the world of the planet’s oldest and most prestigious school of witchcraft. Witches Cyn Jones and Megan Ashe fell in love with magic, and each other, shortly after arriving at Magicue. But Cyn’s powerful visions suggest that the love of her life, if not Magicue itself, is in peril.

A raging succubus leads Evan Burke and his fellow warlocks to a discovery in a building with a bloody past. But the discovery leads to more questions than answers and a door that opens to a stone wall. Maester Paeo returns to Magicue with news from the School of the Far East. And a plucky little witch does some magical research that ends with her in the arms of a first-century goddess.

All of the books in the Magicue series are EROTICA and include graphic sexual situations including lesbian and male/male content. ADULTS ONLY! Only for readers over the age of 18.

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Book Two will be hitting amazon in May.  Take care,  Lynne

Witches’ Delight

Hi, the first installment of the Witches’ Delight series hit amazon in April.  Watch this space for additional details.  Want to read a sample?  Follow the link below.  Thanks, Lynne.

Young witches can be so bad…

Professor Juliette Lavinia has two young witches that need disciplined. They’ve been very bad, which means they’ve earned a private lesson from the professor.

The lesson turns out to not be nearly as private as they thought, though. Warlocks Evan and Jonesy find themselves trapped in the middle of this evening of Witches’ Delight and everyone learns a lesson in pleasure by the end of the night.

The Professor and her Witches is a stand-alone novelette based on the Magicue School Chronicles series. If you enjoy the story, you’ll love the books!
This novelette is for ADULTS ONLY! 18 plus, please. The story includes lesbian sex and male frottage.


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Magicue School Chronicles: Book One

Hello!  Magicue School Chronicles:  Book One was released on Amazon on April 1, 2017.  The other three books will be released before the December!  Feel free to download a free sample using the link below.  Thanks,  Lynne

So much for the best-laid plans…

Megan Ashe just learned that magic is real. More importantly, she learned that she’s a witch. And young witches need to learn their lessons, don’t they?

Witch Megan attends the Magicue School, the world’s oldest and most prestigious school of witchcraft. What she finds there isn’t for kids. Megan discovers everything from an 800-year-old lustful succubus to a wand that keeps cropping up in the most unexpected places.

But it isn’t all fun and games at Magicue. Magicians are disappearing all over the planet. And if Megan and her fellow magicians don’t put a stop to it, they will be next.

Magicue School Chronicles is for ADULTS ONLY and includes explicit sex. MATURE CONTENT-AGE 18 PLUS ONLY.


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